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Study In USA: University of California, Berkeley – Undergraduate Scholarship For International Students 2019

Berkeley  Undergraduate Scholarship is a scholarship scheme of University of California,Berkeley. It is one of the oldest financial support program of this university. There are more than 800 universities, colleges and organizations including private donors acting behind this award as contributor. That is why the number of recipient is around 2500 every year. This scholarship is awarded in two different forms. Students who show academic merit and academic achievements are awarded with direct scholarship and those who are in need of financial support but don’t possess outstanding academic achievement are helped with university grants.


There are two kinds of benefits of this award. The first one is money and second one is the honor and faculty members’ support. The achievers of this scholarship is considered as meritorious students and enjoys direct educational helps from faculty members and tutors. There are opportunities of getting jobs in university office in officer posts. This is the second beneficial part of this scholarship. $6000+ is the most attractive sight. The award money of this program starts from $6000. The continuous progress of the winner students can raise the amount of the award money up to $10,000. In conclusion, the benefits of this scholarship are:

  • Faculty mentoring
  • Tutors
  • $8000 award money

Am IS Eligible

After read about the benefits of this scholarship program, the question have arisen in you mind is ‘Am I Eligible?’, right? A student is considered as eligible to apply for this scholarship if-

  1. GPA earned in High School is 3.1 or higher(out of 5)
  2. CGPA earned in college is 3.0 or above (out of 4)
  3. Maintaining CGPA 2.5 or above who are the current students of University of California,Berkeley

Once a student meets the following requirements, he/she is considered as eligible for the scholarship application. It doesn’t guarantee that the applicant will be awarded with it. It only passes the application form to the review board instead of throwing the application away.

How to Apply:

There is no university official sections for this scholarship to apply. The only way that a student can follow to apply for this award is FAFSA which stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Complete the FAFSA form and submit it before deadline. This is all about application process

  1. Fill-up the application form here

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